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Battle of the Fries – Andy Capp’s

Battle of the Fries – Andy Capp’s

Now then, we find ourselves stuck on a topic with controversy around every corner. Potato snacks, depending on where you’ve grown up, you’ll call them either chips or crisps. As we are based in the United Kingdom, we’ll refer to them as crisps.

Andy Capp’s have released two flavours of their ‘Fries’…a type of crisp! Not to dissimilar to Chipsticks, which you should have very fond memories of from your childhood – Those blue and white striped bags, packed with chip style crisps, bursting with salt and vinegar flavour! Delicious!

As mentioned above – there are two flavour; BBQ and Hot Fries. We gave attempted to settle the argument of which flavour takes the crown. Now, having tried both flavours, its safe to say that these are both great. Very crisp, uniform shape and bold flavouring. Speaking to individuals in the office, gathering our intel…We have one answer. Do you want the good news first or the bad news?

We split even, 50-50, right down the middle. We don’t have a winner for you. The best way for us to get a definitive outcome is down to you guys. Try both flavours and let us know which is your favourite!

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