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Breakfast has never tasted so good!

Breakfast has never tasted so good!

Pop Tarts have been a breakfast favourite for a long while now, with the product beginning its journey in the US and now making waves across Europe. With the growing popularity, it became clear that we needed more ways to enjoy Pop Tarts.

The concern of people rang loud and clear – is it acceptable to eat a Pop Tart as soon as I awake? And should I feel ashamed for finishing a box off as a midday snack?

Yes, believe it or not, this was the concern. So we now present to you a way to enjoy your Pop Tart without any negatives. We now have ‘Pop Tart Cereal’ and ‘Bites’.

Enjoy in two of the most popular flavours – ‘Frosted Strawberry’ and ‘Cinnamon & Brown Sugar’.

Start your day off , keep your day going and end it on a high with new Pop Tart ‘Cereals’ and ‘Bites’.

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