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Game of Cookies – G.O.T themed Oreos

Game of Cookies – G.O.T themed Oreos

‘Winter is coming’

‘Winter is coming’, never have the Stark words rung more true! After 7 hugely popular and successful seasons, we have reached the final chapter in HBO’s hit series ‘Game of Thrones’.

A truly beautiful creation has landed on our shelves. Nabisco (Oreo) have collaborated with Game of Thrones and have produced some limited edition Oreos for all fans to enjoy! It’s the original flavouring of chocolate biscuit and a vanilla cream filling that is prefered.

With the arrival of these just in time for the final series, what better way is there to enjoy each episode than sitting down, mind focused and a few Game of Thrones themed Oreos at the ready?

Although Oreo may have the best collaboration so far…in our opinion anyway. Many other brands have also collaborated and we would like to give a special mention to Mountain Dew. They also have done an incredible job in honour of the show.

A regular drinks can, stripped back all of the marketing and branding on their cans. Put the vote to the people on what the public thought was the best idea! The result was great! They’ve ended up with a can, which as it cools, reveals the name of the victims on Arya Stark’s hit list!

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