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I Want To Hyrdrate and I Want To Do It Snappy!

I Want To Hyrdrate and I Want To Do It Snappy!

Since the turn on the year, at Americatessen we have noticed a rather quick and dramatic turn around in our best selling drinks.

We took delivery of 3 flavours of Gatorade late last year. ‘Cool Blue Raspberry’, ‘Fierce Grape’ and ‘Fruit Punch’. Oh boy did our customers love them! Within a week, our stock of Gatorade had made its way up the river, through the swamps and to our customers doors. We thought to ourselves – maybe a fluke?

A few weeks later we took another delivery, this time we added one more flavour – ‘Lemon and Lime’. Poof! All gone…again. We now regularly have Gatorade in stock and now how 8 flavours of Gatorade. Same story with all of our flavours. They really don’t ever hang around long.

Since they are so popular at the moment. We thought we’d take the time to give you some information about the brand so you can see for yourself how great these fruity drinks are!

  1. The Birthplace of Gatorade

Gatorade was created in sunny Florida. It was originally made for the Florida Gators Football team as a more efficient way to rehydrate. Back in the 1960’s the Gators Football team had 20 players going for medical treat due to dehydration. Along came Gatorade to restore the players electrolytes.

2. A Bad Taste In Your Mouth

Maybe not so much anymore. But, Gatorade when first developed – tasted terrible. Comparisons were made with that of human waste. It was then suggested by the wife of the creator to add lemon juice into the mixture to attempt to improve the taste. We, luckily for you, now have some of the best flavours on the market.

3. Celebrity Endorsement.

Did you know Michael Jordan was the first celebrity to ever endorse Gatorade. His celebrity and performance of the courts made for a very popular and profitable partnership.

4. Continuing With Endorsements and Sponsorship

Gatorade is massive in the NFL. In fact they actually sponsor every single team within the league. It is now the only company to sponsor all 32 teams.


If you are interested in Gatorade and the flavours we can offer, please get in touch for more information. Stay hydrated folks, its important!

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